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Mia is past her due date.

It's getting to the point where she can hardly stand the waiting. Draco being home for his paternity leave has helped, but he's also quite anxious. He did, however, have a brilliant idea to relax tonight: a lovely dinner much like Valentine's.

And Mia could use the relaxing. She's been feeling off all day...

The Magic Guild: Nesting

Six weeks and two days.

It's hard to concentrate on much of anything when that's all you've got left. And since she's already taken her leave from work so it won't happen in the middle of the semester, that means Mia doesn't have as much to do.

So today has been devoted to cleaning up her living quarters, the nursery in particular. And doing the baby's laundry so it will be ready for him. And making sure the baby's toys are clean. And then Draco's laundry and ironing Draco's work shirts and trousers. And then preparing things for tonight's dinner. And then her laundry while the inner slow-cooks. And then making dessert. And then folding all of those clean clothes and putting them away. And then the kitchen will have to be cleaned up, of course. And then the table should be set. And what about the bed, is it clean?

It sounds like a lot, but magic does help get it done. Though, once it's done, Mia finds she would rather it wasn't done and then does it again the muggle way to make sure it's done right.

At least it hasn't gotten to the point where she's ironing the baby's clothes...

The Magic Guild: A Familiar Pain

Mia didn't know. Not until she saw the sign.

She couldn't go to the wake, not when she just found out. She didn't know him as well as she could have, but he was a dear friend and a comrade in arms with Will and her. She's not sure how she was able to hold it together all the way back to her quarters in Vane.

Once she did, she collapsed on her bed (as much as she could considering her current shape) and just cried. Cried until she wore herself out, until she almost felt like she couldn't breathe.

It's amazing, the pain of losing a friend.

The Magic Guild: Dinner Party!

As Chell and Gordon leave Milliways, they arrive in a strange hallway. The building both speaks of history and new paint, the old and new still just separate enough that it's obvious repairs have been made in recent years. There is a door on the left and near that door is a guard.

"Welcome to the Magic Guild," the guard says. "Majesty Mia had told us we would have guests tonight. You are welcome to explore the Guild or, if you wish to rest, I can escort you to the lounge and you can take tea before dinner is served."

The word is said carefully. It's not meant to convey the message of, “We have to talk.” Rather, she's trying to get, “I'd like to talk, but I want to be here for you above all else,” into her subtext.

“Tom has warned me.

“About Blodwen.

“He mentioned that you knew her before, but that was long ago. Before you met him. Before you knew me. I know it's not something you're proud of, but you should know it's something I'm very proud of you for leaving.”

She moves, reaching to hold.

“I want to know what happened, the same way I want to know everything about you. But I understand. I know why you wouldn't want to talk to me about it.

“Though you should know, you have no reason to be ashamed. You are strong. You are fiercely loving. You are the husband by my side, father of our child, and no evil of your past is ever going to change that. I love you. Always have, always will.

“I hope that, one day, you will tell me, but today doesn't need to be that day.”

She leans forward, her forehead tilted enough to touch the mirror.

“Oh, that's going to sound silly...” she murmurs. “It's always the ones you want to talk to the most that are the most difficult to speak to.”

She rubs at the curve of her belly, her previous concern softly turned into a smile at the reassuring little fluttery kicks she feels.

“I do love you so, dear,” she says to her baby. “Mama sounds ridiculous right now, doesn't she?”

The flutters don't say anything different.

“Your Papa loves you, too. He worries so about us when he is the one that deserves the worry.”

Mia glances down, properly taking in her shape.

“How you will light up his life. You'll be the apple of his eye. He's already so happy to know you're here, just as I am. I'm sure he'll love to hold you, and I hope he tickles you and sings to you.”

The Magic Guild: Afterparty

There hasn't been a party quite like this at the Magic Guild in recent times. But then, there hasn't been a Guildmaster expecting a child in well over twenty years.

After her performance, which served as the finale, Mia went back to her quarters to change into the lovely outfit (a simple green overdress with a black dress to go underneath) that Draco got for her and went to join the party on her husband's arm. She could still feel the nervous fluttering of her stomach.

She didn't really expect to do much except politely greet some guests and then retreat back to her room. She didn't, however, expect the number of people who wanted to see her or the obvious pile of presents in the corner that were suspiciously shaped like baby furniture. (She actually cried tears of joy at one point, to a chorus of "Awwww...")

Mia promises she'll be back soon, Draco. There are just so many people who want to dance with her after her amazing firedancing display.
Vane: Word has gotten to our reporters that Majesty Mia Ausa, whom we have noticed lately due to some lovely physical changes, is with child, meaning she will soon join the ranks of this generation's Hot Girl News hot mamas such as Jessica de Alkirk. Some of our informants, however, have let us know that there might be hints of infidelity bubbling up under the surface of Majesty Mia's supposedly happy marriage.

One member of the Mia Ausa Fan Club was present in the library while Majesty Mia was with Master Nash, under the guise of "working on a project." From his spot a few shelves away, he heard what he's described as "a moan of pleasure not unlike what he's heard in his dreams" coming from the Guildmaster. Apparently realizing that they were found out, Majesty Mia fled the scene and Master Nash showed his displeasure at the interruption with a few words we will not print in our fine publication.

Not long after that, Majesty Mia and Master Nash joined others at Meribia Mansion for supper, at which point, according to some bystanders who gave us the tip, Master Nash learned of Majesty Mia's pregnancy. He seemed interested in Majesty Mia's welfare and was asking questions some might consider a little personal for just friends.

Then, late last month, the Magic Guild Council was formally informed of Majesty Mia's condition. One of the questions asked of Majesty Mia, among others, was which of her Premiers sired her heir. Could it be that the Council knows something we don't about Majesty Mia's home life? Or are they just stuck in the idea that the Premier is the Guildmaster's concubine and Majesty Mia is free to pick whichever man she deems suitable, married to him or not?

Perhaps, dear readers, we should seek out what makes Majesty Mia happy in hopes of finding out for ourselves.