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It started out easily enough: a brief visit to Hawaii for their fifth wedding anniversary. The only thing is a lot had changed between the fourth and the fifth. Just saying goodbye to Cepheus to leave him in Lemia's care took Mia a good twenty minutes.

It wasn't so bad when they were actually in Hawaii, enjoying the local cuisine and entertainment. (Draco escaped the doghouse for looking at the traditional topless hula dancers as Mia was busy watching the shirtless firedancers.)

But then, in the middle of the night, Mia woke up in a panic in the hotel room. She shook Draco awake and started frantically searching, worriedly explaining to Draco that Cepheus wasn't crying and surely something was wrong. He woke up enough to gently explain to Mia that Cepheus was back home with her mother and she was surely taking good care of her.

And then Mia couldn't sleep. She wanted to, but she was too tired. While flopped across her husband's chest, she notices the nightstand and the remote control to the hotel's television.

It's been so long, she had told Draco, since they had seen a movie. Why not enjoy a little late night TV?

Never before had Draco been so interested in working a telephone than he was upon discovering the Home Shopping Network. What better way to spoil his lovely wife than to order the jewelry from home and simply wait for it to be delivered?

A brief, peaceful switch in power led to the discovery of the late night comedy sketch show and the muggle notion that people wearing chicken suits and competing against each other in hustling people to their restaurants with songs is funny.

Perhaps the most interesting find was a modern day superhero movie, which brought about a brief debate on where muggles think such powers come from and distinguishing between advanced technology and magic.

The debate was brief due to sleep finally catching up with them, aided by the lullaby of the television's quiet hum.


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